Julie Shieh earned a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering in 1986. After six years as an aerospace engineer, she felt called to go back to school and received an M.A. degree in Holistic Health.

Upon receiving her degree, she worked as a biofeedback therapist, medical assistant, and holistic health educator until she was hired to teach at a community college in the San Francisco Bay area.

After 18 years as a professor and the Chair of the Health and Human Services Department at the college, Julie’s desire to have a greater influence and impact on the well-being of her students compelled her to take a sabbatical from the college in order to conduct research on emotional intelligence.

During her sabbatical, she validated and verified that a holistic, yet practical method she had developed while in graduate school not only enhanced emotional intelligence, it enhanced emotional wisdom.

She calls her method the Emotional Wisdom System, which she had created in her quest for self-understanding, self-improvement, fulfillment, and meaning as a sensitive introvert. To date, she has taught this method to her students at the college five times, with great success.

It is now Julie’s passion and purpose to help others learn how to alleviate their emotional pain, overcome their obstacles to life success, access their inner wisdom, enhance their love and compassion for themselves and others, and embody their highest and best selves.  It is Julie’s greatest hope to assist others live a life they love.

Julie lives in the San Francisco Bay area with her husband and son. She loves the expressive arts, dancing, going to the beach with her family, and playing and composing music on the piano in her free time.