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Hi, I’m Julie Shieh and my mission is to enhance emotional well-being. 

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     5 Steps to Emotional Intelligence

A training program to transform turmoil into profound well-being, inner peace, and confidence in 5 simple steps.


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What People Have Said…


“Julie is a beautiful genuine soul; gentle, caring and sensitive which is reflected in what she does and shares. You can see her passion for her technique because she knows…how transformational and self-empowering it can be.”    -Anita D. Marshall, Soul Alignment Coach & Mentor


“…These steps helped me deal with my emotions in a positive way.  I didn’t know how to handle my emotions well; I was always aggressive when I feel negative emotions.  Now, I can be calm and positive…  “    -Marjorie


“I think these fun steps would help others by building a relationship with yourself and trusting your inner being with your feelings and dealing with problems.”    -Kayla M.


“… I would highly recommend this program to anyone who wants to learn how to manage their emotions and prepare themselves for success in life. Julie’s method is a brilliant and systematic process to improve one’s emotional intelligence, a much-needed aptitude for achieving personal fulfillment as well as success in today’s world of work…”     -Eric S., Regional Manager of IT Sales and Products


“I learned so much from this [workshop]! From the importance of being aware of our feelings and managing them to learning how to meditate and look at things differently by doing the 6-step process taught in class.  Better coping with or addressing our emotions helps in relationships whether personal, at work, or just social interactions and to feel at peace with one self also. Because I found this class to be extremely beneficial for me as a student, I think it would greatly help other students specially when offered at this time of the year where we are close to finals and everyone is stressing about so many things… I think [it] helped me so much because initially I walked in the room very stressed thinking about all that I have to do and when I walked out of the room, I felt totally relieved and a lot more calm.  Thank you so much for this opportunity!”     -Student


“…This class was awesome.  The most important thing I learned were how to identify negative pattern, recognize it and create new patterns…”      -Student